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Settlement Reports for Payment Facilitators

The processing of Sponsored Merchants transactions on behalf of Payment Facilitators involves the accumulation of various operations, including commission calculations and Payout.

To facilitate reconciliation, a settlement report is generated, providing a comprehensive overview of all settlements conducted on a specific day.

The purpose of this report is to assist Payment Facilitators in cross-checking the amount transferred during payout with the information in the report. It is exclusively generated for eligible Payment Facilitators.


In our solution, a Sponsored Merchant stands for retailers or service providers on your platform.


To meet security requirements, Payment Facilitators who request PGP encryption for the report will have their needs accommodated. PGP keys will be exchanged during the onboarding process, ensuring secure communication and adherence to encryption standards.

For Payment Facilitators with PGP encryption enabled, the generated reports undergo file encryption before being made available for download from the designated output folder on the SIBS SFTP server. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information transmitted.


This report will be issued once a day after payout, which includes all transactions in the system until the cut-off time (00:10 UTC).

File Format

The file will adhere to the following format:

Property nameDescriptionFormula
File NameName of the file to be created. The generation timestamp will also be part of file name.SIBS_Reconciliation_<YYYYMMDDHH24MISS>.csv
File ExtensionExtension of the file to be created.csv
Field SeparatorSeparator used between fields.;
Field DelimiterCharacters used to define the beginning and end of a field.
HeaderThe file will have no header.N/A
File Structure

Your settlement report includes the following information:

Field nameDescriptionField typeList of valuesExample transactionExample carried over amountAdditional info
MERCHANT_IDENTIFIERPayment Facilitator Merchant ID.VARCHAR2(60)“PL-123456789-1”“PL-123456789-1”
SPONSORED_MERCHANT_IDSponsored Merchant ID.VARCHAR2(60)“PL-123456789-2”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
TRANSACTION_DATEDate of the transaction.DATE“2022-07-04 23:45:09”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
ACQUIRER_IDAcquirer ID.VARCHAR2(60)“”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
TRANSACTION_IDID of the transaction.VARCHAR2(60)“STGB00100010RAcJSRG50kQbxVvxfyJx”“CARRIED_OVER”In case of Carried Over line, value will be fixed “CARRIED_OVER”.
BRANDDefines de transaction Brand.VERCHAR2(60)CARD
“CARD”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
TRANSACTION_GROSS_AMOUNTAmount of the transaction.NUMBER“301.34”Transaction amount will be set as negative for cancellations and refund operations.
In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
CURRENCYCurrency of the transaction.VARCHAR2(3)ISO 4217 Numeric Part“985”
COMMISSIONTotal commission applied to the transaction.NUMBER“3.01”“”This will be the final amount charged to the customer.
In IF++ tariffs it will contain the sum of Margin, IF and PF.
In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
TRANSACTION_NET_AMOUNTAmount of the transactions after Commission calculation.NUMBER“298,33”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
PAYOUT_ACCOUNTPayment Facilitator Bank Account number used for payout.VARCHAR2(60)“PL999999999999999999”“”In case of Carried Over line, value will be empty.
PAYOUT_AMOUNTAmount considered for payout of the transactions.PAYOUT_DATE“-43.35”Payout Amount field may have a negative value in case a transaction is a cancellation /refund. The value will be subtracted from the final payout amount. In case there is not enough payout value to cover the negative amount, it will be accumulated for the next available payout session.
On the next payout, a new line not related with any transaction will be shown on the report to consider the negative amount discounted from the payout.
PAYOUT_DATEDate in which the transaction was transferred to the Payment Facilitator.DATE“2022-07-05”“2022-07-05”