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Get started

Discover a step-by-step overview of how to start accepting payments using SIBS.

Step 1: Set up a SIBS test account

Begin your integration journey with SIBS by creating a free test account. This grants you access to SIBS testing environments. Consult your Account Manager to initiate the onboarding process.

Once this process is finished, you will receive your testing credentials, including:

  • Terminal Code
  • Bearer Token
  • Client ID

When you have your credentials, you are ready to start the integration process.

Within your testing environment, you gain the ability to:

  • Digitally onboard your merchants, in case you are a Payment Facilitator
  • Initiate your integration process
  • Explore the features and tools at your disposal
  • Conduct test payments

Keep in mind that a test account allows you to explore SIBS integrations but does not guarantee live payment processing.

Step 2: Forge the integration path

Kickstart your integration efforts by leveraging your SIBS test account. Choose the integration approach that perfectly aligns with your business requirements, ensuring a smooth and tailored integration experience.

Step 3: Discover SIBS features and tools

Discover the array of SIBS features available to fuel your integration journey.

Step 4: Dive into developer resources

Explore reliable references throughout the integration process, empowering you to efficiently integrate our services into your system.

Step 5: Seal the deal

With a live account, you can accept payments from your customers through SIBS. As SIBS acts as a payment provider and acquirer, we are obligated to conduct thorough checks during the live account application process.

Reach out to our Sales team to request Account Activation and get ready to Accept Live Payments.