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Check how to create terminals.

Create terminal

To be able to make other shop and terminal operations, please check below the available environment endpoints:

EnvironmentURLOperation Method & EndpointOperation Description
PRODapi.sibsgateway.comPOST /sibs/onboarding/v1/sponsored-merchant/{merchant-id}/shop/{shop-id}/terminalCreate a Merchant Establishment Terminal resource
CERstargate-cer.qly.site1.sibs.ptPOST /sibs/onboarding/v1/sponsored-merchant/{merchant-id}/shop/{shop-id}/terminalCreate a Merchant Establishment Terminal resource
Sandboxsandbox.sibsgateway.comPOST /sibs/onboarding/v1/sponsored-merchant/{merchant-id}/shop/{shop-id}/terminalCreate a Merchant Establishment Terminal resource

You need to perform a POST request with the following data:

Merchant-IDStringMandatoryPathID of the Merchant
Shop-IDStringMandatoryPathID of the Establishment
X-Request-IDStringMandatoryHeaderID of the request, unique to the call, as determined by the initiating party
x-ibm-client-idStringMandatoryHeaderToken that identifies a client organization. It is provided during onboarding process and must be used in every call

After the request, the API will respond with one of the two status codes:

Status CodeMessageTransactionStatus
000Success“ACT” (Accepted Technical Validation)
999Unexpected Error“RJT” (Rejected)

For more information related to the error messages, please refer to the Error handling section on the “Merchant” page.