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Link to Pay

Link to Pay enables you to accept payments using a unique and shareable link.

With this service you can easily create, manage, and share payment weblinks through various channels, including email, social media, text messages, and more, making it convenient for customers to perform payments on a dedicated Payment Form.

Link to Pay streamlines payment acceptance for businesses of all sizes, providing customizable options to cater to customers’ preferences.


To start accepting Link to Pay payments, contact your Account Manager.

Supported payment methods

Link to Pay offers full compatibility with all available payment methods, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

How it works

First, you create a payment link by entering information such as the amount, currency, link expiry date, whether it’s for single or multiple use, and the accepted payment methods.

Subsequently, you transmit the payment link to the customer via email, social media, chat or text message.

Once the customer clicks on the link, they will be directed to a payment page displaying all the applicable payment options specified previously.

Upon the customer’s selection of a payment method and successful transaction, you will receive the payment outcome through a webhook notification.

Create payment links

On the Link to Pay page, you can initiate the creation of a new payment link by selecting the “Create New Link” button. This action prompts the interface to generate and save a new payment link along with the associated information.

When generating a new link, you are required to complete two essential sections on this page:

Payment info

This section collects information concerning the chosen payment operation:

TerminalMandatoryMerchant’s Terminal list
Expiry Date TypeMandatory1 – Up to 48 hours;
2 – Up to 90 days.
Link typeMandatory1 – Single use;
2 – Multiple use.
ReferenceOptionalReference text
DescriptionOptionalSmall descriptive text
Allowed Payment MethodsMandatoryMultiple select drop list element with every available payment method to the Merchant.
At least one option must be selected.

Customer info

You have the option to select the specific information to be collected from the customer before initiating the checkout process.

It consists of the following three categories represented below:

Personal info:

Full NameMandatoryCustomer’s full name
Email AddressMandatoryCustomer’s email address

Billing address:

AddressOptionalCustomer’s Billing Address
CityOptionalCustomer’s Billing City
Postal CodeOptionalCustomer’s Billing Postal Code
CountryOptionalCustomer’s Billing Country

Shipping address:

AddressOptionalCustomer’s Shipping Address
CityOptionalCustomer’s Shipping City
Postal CodeOptionalCustomer’s Shipping Postal Code
CountryOptionalCustomer’s Shipping Country
Links validity and usability

When using Link to Pay, you can configure the link’s expiration period, ranging from 48 hours to a maximum of 90 days.

Additionally, you have the choice to set a payment link for either single or multiple uses. In single-use mode, the link is designed for one successful transaction, while in multiple-use mode, it can be shared with multiple shoppers without any usage limitations.

Manage payment links

In the Link to Pay table, the user is directed to a page featuring a paginated list of all previously generated links, sorted chronologically.

The menu provides the following information:

Link IDUnique identifier generated upon the moment the link is created specific to it.
Payment Link URLWeblink created by the Merchant to be shared with the Customer.
Link StatusThis indicates the status of a payment link:

A Payment Link has not been used, either newly created or reactivated by the merchant, and whose current date and time are prior to the set expiry date. Can be utilized by the customer to make payment.

The Link has been disabled by the merchant. Cannot be used.
The Link that has been cancelled and cannot be used.
A Payment Link that has its current date and time surpassing the set Expiry Date and cannot be used.
Only applicable for single-use payment links. Customer has made a payment operation through the payment link and cannot be used again.
Link Creation Date TimeDate and time of link creation. 
DetailsFurther details provided by Merchant for extra context about the payment link.

Each row offers users a Toggle Button for further details and a Dotted Button that provides access to a set of four actions.

You have the following actions at your disposal:

  • Copy Link – enables you to quickly duplicate the link for easy sharing.
  • Deactivate Link – temporarily suspends the link. Can be reactivated.
  • Cancel Link – permanently terminates the link, rendering it non-functional. Cannot be reactivated.
  • Reactivate Link – turns a previously deactivated link active again.
  • Associated Transactions – redirects you to a page displaying a list of all transactions linked to the selected payment link.