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Payment Form

SIBS Payment Form – desktop and mobile user interface.

Our Payment Form solution provides a secure and PCI-compliant way for merchants to accept payments on their website. Customers enter their payment information directly into our payment form, and we handle the payment processing.

Payment Form Integration is the best for merchants who:

  • Want to be PCI-compliant.
  • Want a fully secured and developed payment form.
  • Want to prive an additional payment option alongside their existing integration.


By using Payment Form Integration, you can enjoy the following benefits:


Tailored White Label solution to match your website’s design.


Secure payment processing for Cards, Pay by Link, BLIK, and other payment methods.


Simplified compliance with an iframe configuration that ensures customer payment data never touches your website.


Ability to accept a wide range of payment methods without the need for manual API requests.


No need to update your code for future payment methods.

How it works

Here’s how Payment Form works:

  1. Embed the Payment Form into your website.
  2. Customers enter their payment details directly on your checkout page.
  3. Our system processes the payment information and handles the payment processing for you.
  4. You receive a status update for the payment method used.

To get started with Payment Form, make sure to follow the necessary steps outlined in our integration guide and have your API and client keys ready.

Before you start

Ensure that during the onboarding process your Account Manager shared with you the necessary credentials:

  • Terminal Code
  • Bearer Token
  • Client ID

Once you have these, you will be able to integrate the payment form.


Keep your credentials confidential to maintain security of your transactions.