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Outgoing messages

With the Outgoing messages, users can stay informed about the progress of their activities, whether you are a merchant or an end-user.

These messages are generated when payment transactions are performed or whenever actions are taken on the SIBS Backoffice. Our system ensures communication by sending notifications and updates regarding the status of the actions performed.

In addition to WebHooks, SIBS delivers the notifications whenever one of the actions below take place:

ActionDescriptionNotification Type
Start of transactionThe initial stage of a transaction where the process is initiated.Email
End of successful transactionThe completion of a transaction with successful execution and desired outcome.Email
End of failed transactionThe termination of a transaction due to a failure or error during processing.Email
New user creationThe process of creating a new user account within SIBS Backoffice.Email
New Backoffice User initial password generatedThe initial password assigned to a new user in the SIBS Backoffice system.SMS
User Registration (Activation)The activation of a user account after successful registration in SIBS Backoffice.Email
Password changeThe action of modifying an existing password for a user account in SIBS Backoffice.Email
Password resetThe process of resetting a forgotten or compromised password in SIBS Backoffice.Email
Mobile phone number changeThe process of changing the mobile phone number associated with a user account.SMS
Credentials bearer token generatedAn authentication token used to authorize access to SIBS protected resourcesEmail
Credentials client ID generatedA unique identifier assigned to a client application for authentication.Email
Backoffice OTPOne-Time Password (OTP) generated for authentication within the SIBS Backoffice system.SMS