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Merchant configuration

Merchant information is condensed in the “Configuration” and the “SIBS Payment Gateway” menus.

The “Configuration” menu comprises several submenus, including Merchant’s “Stores”, “Terminals”, “Users”, and “Payment Entities”.


The Merchant’s store list, which can be filtered through a quick search based on properties such as code, name, manager, address, and location; with the option to view store details, edit stores and save changes, or delete stores.


The “Terminals” menu displays a list of all registered terminals with summary information and provides users with quick filters to search for terminals based on specific criteria; the terminal name is the only editable field and users can view a detailed view of the selected terminal by clicking the expand button.


The agreements page allows the user to choose a store from the available options. After choosing a store, the respective agreements are displayed.

Add Credentials and Get Client ID and Secret

When Merchants onboard, they are granted access to the “Credentials” menu in the “SIBS Payment Gateway” menu. This allows them to add new credentials, view a list of their existing ones, and check their status – whether they’re active or inactive.

The technical information necessary to invoke SIBS Gateway APIs can be found in the “APP SPG 2.0” menu. Here, the API Client ID and Client Secret can be obtained by clicking the “Get” button and verifying with a password. It’s essential to keep this information secure and include it as the value of the corresponding HTTP Header fields in each API call. To copy the values, simply click the copy button.