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Google Pay

With Google Pay, your customers can easily make payments on your app or website using any credit or debit card linked to their Google Account. This includes cards from services like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or any Android device.

When a customer makes a payment using Google Pay, it displays a payment sheet, allowing them to choose their preferred card and confirm their purchase securely.

Payment optionCategoryCountriesCurrenciesFeaturesIntegrations
GooglePayDigital WalletCzech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, SloveniaCZK, EUR, PLN, RONPre-authorized Capture
One-Time Purchase
Partial captures
Partial refund
Payment Form
Prestashop Plugin
WooCommerce Plugin
Magento Plugin

Before you start

To initiate the Google Pay payment processing, the initial step involves the Set up of Google Pay. After successfully setting it up, you gain the capability to incorporate the Google Pay button into your checkout page and securely request encrypted payment details from your customers.

Before going live, you must maintain strict compliance with the stipulations outlined in Google Pay API Acceptable Use Policy.


Google Pay supports a range of web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and UCWeb UC Browser.

Enable Google Pay

To begin this process, you must be logged in using a Google Developer account

This entails completing the registration on the Google Pay & Wallet Console and select “Gateway” as your Google Pay API Integration Type.

Once this process is finalized, you will gain the ability to initiate a payment.

Make a payment

First, you should initiate the creation of the order.

Upon generating the order request, make sure to include “XPAY” as a payment method. 

Following this, proceed to make the payment request as per the following detailed message.

EnvironmentURLOperation Method & EndpointOperation Description
PRODapi.sibsgateway.comPOST version-id/{id}/xpay/paymentRequests the payment registered by the previous checkout using xpay payment details inserted by the customer.[1|2].sibs.ptPOST version-id/{id}/xpay/paymentRequests the payment registered by the previous checkout using xpay payment details inserted by the customer.

The message below represents the GooglePay Payment Request:

LocationData ElementTypeConditionDescription
PathidStringConditionalTransaction Id
Header Parameters:
LocationData ElementTypeConditionDescription
Request HeaderContent-TypeStringMandatoryapplication/json 
AuthorizationStringMandatoryBearer Token. Based on OAuth2 authentication performed in a pre-step.
Request Headerx-ibm-client-idStringMandatoryToken that identifies a client organization. It is provided during onboarding process and must be used in every call.
Request Parameters:
LocationData ElementTypeConditionDescription
Request BodytokenInfoTokenInfoConditionalPayment Tokens
Request Body.tokenInfotokenNameStringOptionalToken Name
Request Body.tokenInfotokenTypeStringMandatoryToken Type.
Possible values are (“ApplePay”, “GooglePay”).
Request Body.tokenInfovalueStringMandatoryToken Value
Request BodyinfoInfoMandatoryObject that defines the transaction additional information.
Request Body.infodeviceInfoDeviceInfoMandatoryObject that defines the customer device information.
Request Accept Header
Request Java Enabled
Request Javascript Enabled
Request Language
Request Color Depth
Request Screen Height
Request Screen Width
Request Time Zone
Request User Agent
Request Family
Request Version
Request Architecture
Request Manufacturer
Request Model
Request Unique Identification
Request Name
Request Version
Request Address
Request Body.infocustomerInfoCustomerInfoMandatoryKey Value tuple array.

Here’s a sample of a Google Pay transaction:

 "info": {
 "deviceInfo": {
 "browserAcceptHeader": "application/json, text/plain, */*",
 "browserJavaEnabled": "false",
 "browserLanguage": "en",
 "browserColorDepth": "24",
 "browserScreenHeight": "1080",
 "browserScreenWidth": "1920",
 "browserTZ": "-60",
 "browserUserAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36",
 "geoLocalization": "Lat: 38.7350528 | Long: -9.2143616",
 "systemFamily": "Windows",
 "systemVersion": "Windows",
 "deviceID": "498bfd4c3a3645b38667a7037b616c18",
 "applicationName": "Chrome",
 "applicationVersion": "106"
 "customerInfo": [
 "key": "customerName",
 "value": "Test Name"
 "key": "customerEmail",
 "tokenInfo": {
 "tokenType": "googlePay",

After the payment is processed, you will receive a response indicating the transaction status.

Additionally, you can perform a “Get Status” operation to check the status at any time.

The Authorization HTTP header is set to the Bearer token as it was used in the initial Checkout.

GET {transactionID}/status
Request URL:{transactionID}/status
Request Headers:
Authorization: ‘Bearer <AuthToken>’ 
X-IBM-Client-Id: ‘<ClientId>’ 
Content-Type: application/json

A successful technical response comprises of an HTTP-200 status and a returnStatus.statusCode=”000″.

Here are some examples of the possible result codes:

Result CodestatusMsgDescriptionAction
HTTP-200SuccessSuccess responseN/A
HTTP-400Bad RequestThe JSON payload is not matching the API definition or some mandatory HTTP headers are missing.Please check in API Market for the correct syntax.
HTTP-401UnauthorizedOn the Authorization, Bearer token is invalid/expired or not associated with the Terminal used.Please check in SIBS Backoffice under the Credentials if the token is valid and create a new one if needed.
HTTP-403ForbiddenThe ClientID set on the X-IBM-Client-Id HTTP header is not valid or does not possess a valid subscription to the API.Please check in SIBS Backoffice under the SPG APP 2.0 if the ClientID is correct. If the problem persists contact SIBS Gateway support for a ClientID reset.
HTTP-405Method Not AllowedThe HTTP Method used is not matching any of the API definitions available.Please check in API Market for the correct HTTP Method.
HTTP-429Too Many RequestsThe API calls rate limit has been exceeded.Please check in API Market for information on the rate limits that apply to the API.
HTTP-500Internal Server ErrorThe API call has failed… and its most likely on our side.You should retry the operation, and if the problem persists contact SIBS Gateway support for assistance.
HTTP-503Service UnavailableThe API call is not currently available. Usually we are always on, but short availability issues may occur during scheduled maintenance.You should wait and try again later.