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Paying with stored card

When Cardholder is logged in to the merchant’s e-shop, a ‘One click Payment’ button is presented for easy payment with just one click.

The Card token is detokenized, and the one click payment context is validated before the transaction is presented to IPS with a reference to the initial transaction. This allows the authentication flow to be bypassed.

How it works

To perform a payment with 3DS authorization, first create the order as detailed in API Integration guide.

Note that you should include the additional OneClick and Tokenization parameters to the Order Request, as shown below:

LocationData ElementTypeConditionDescription
Request BodytokenInfoTokenInfoMandatoryToken Information.
Request Body.tokenisation.paymentTokens.paymentTokenItemtokenTypeStringMandatoryToken Type.
Possible values are (
“MobilePhone” ).
Request Body.tokenisation.paymentTokens.paymentTokenItemvalueStringMandatoryToken value.

Request example:

	"merchant": {
	    "terminalId": {{TerminalID}},
	    "channel": "web",
	    "merchantTransactionId": "Order Id: r7cxvi0saj"
	"transaction": {
	    "transactionTimestamp": "{{trxDatetime}}",
	    "description": "Transaction for order number 4908 terminalId 100886",
	    "moto": false,
	    "paymentType": "PURS",
	    "amount": {
	    "value": 50.50,
	    "currency": "PLN"
	"paymentMethod": [
	"tokenisation": {
	     "paymentTokens": [{
	     "tokenType": "Card",
	     "value": "{{purchaseTokenValue}}"

After completing the Order Creation, you may proceed to make a payment.

Note that the following request needs an Authorization Header with the transactionSignature returned from payment order operation.

In this purchase request, include the additional DeviceInfo, OneClick and TokenInfo parameters, as shown below.

LocationData ElementTypeConditionDescription
Request Body.infodeviceInfoDeviceInfoMandatoryObject that defines the customer device information.
Request Accept Header.
Request Java Enabled.
Request Javascript Enabled.
Request Language.
Request Color Depth.
Request Screen Height.
Request Screen Width.
Request Time Zone.
Request User Agent.
Request Family.
Request Version.
Request Architecture.
Request Manufacturer.
Request Model.
Request Unique Identification.
Request Name.
Request Version.
Request Address.
Request BodyoneClickOneClickMandatoryObject that defines a One Click Payment.
Request Body.oneClickoneClickApplicationBooleanMandatoryFor use of already created One Click. Indicates if a One Click Payment is requested to be applied. The absence indicates the value ‘False‘.
Request BodytokenInfoTokenInfoMandatoryToken Information.
Response Body.tokenListtokenTypeStringMandatoryToken Type
Possible values are:
– Email
– MobilePhone
– Card
default: Card
Response Body.tokenListvalueStringMandatoryToken Value

Request example:

	"info": {
	   "deviceInfo": {
	       "browserAcceptHeader": "application/json, text/plain, */*",
	       "browserJavaEnabled": "false",
	       "browserLanguage": "en",
	       "browserColorDepth": "24",
	       "browserScreenHeight": "1080",
	       "browserScreenWidth": "1920",
	       "browserTZ": "-60",
	       "browserUserAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36",
	       "geoLocalization": "Lat: 38.7350528 | Long: -9.2143616",
	       "systemFamily": "Windows",
	       "systemVersion": "Windows",
	       "deviceID": "498bfd4c3a3645b38667a7037b616c18",
	       "applicationName": "Chrome",
	       "applicationVersion": "106"
	  "customerInfo": [
	           "key": "customerName",
	           "value": "User X"
	           "key": "customerEmail",
	           "value": ""
	"tokenInfo": {
	    "value": "{{purchaseTokenValue}}",
	    "tokenType": "Card"
	"oneClick": {
	    "oneClickApplication": true

Expected response:

You will receive a response comprising a paymentStatus in the message. It informs whether the transaction was accepted, declined, still pending a final result, or requires additional action.

  • Success: The purchase has been processed successfully and the customer has been debited.
  • Declined: The purchase has been declined.
  • Pending: The final result of the purchase is not yet known. You will need to inquiry on the status of this transaction until it reaches a final state, or you decide to cancel it.
  • Partial: The purchase is partially accepted, but requires additional actions to the completed (e.g. 3D Secure authentication). The actionResponse element is provided for instructions on how to proceed.

Perform a Get Status

After the payment has been fully processed, you can check the status of your transaction by sending a GET request.

Ensure that the Authorization HTTP header is set to the same Bearer token that was used in the initial Payment Order.

Request URL:{transactionID}/status

Request Headers:

Authorization: ‘Bearer <AuthToken>’
X-IBM-Client-Id: ‘<ClientId>’
Content-Type: application/json

A successful technical response comprises of an HTTP-200 status and a returnStatus.statusCode=”000″.

Here are some examples of the possible result codes:

Result CodestatusMsgDescriptionAction
HTTP-200SuccessSuccess responseN/A
HTTP-400Bad RequestThe JSON payload is not matching the API definition or some mandatory HTTP headers are missing.Please check in API Market for the correct syntax.
HTTP-401UnauthorizedOn the Authorization, Bearer token is invalid/expired or not associated with the Terminal used.Please check in SIBS Backoffice under the Credentials if the token is valid and create a new one if needed.
HTTP-403ForbiddenThe ClientID set on the X-IBM-Client-Id HTTP header is not valid or does not possess a valid subscription to the API.Please check in SIBS Backoffice under the SPG APP 2.0 if the ClientID is correct. If the problem persists contact SIBS Gateway support for a ClientID reset.
HTTP-405Method Not AllowedThe HTTP Method used is not matching any of the API definitions available.Please check in API Market for the correct HTTP Method.
HTTP-429Too Many Requests
The API calls rate limit has been exceeded.Please check in API Market for information on the rate limits that apply to the API.
HTTP-500Internal Server ErrorThe API call has failed… and its most likely on our side.You should retry the operation, and if the problem persists contact SIBS Gateway support for assistance.
HTTP-503Service UnavailableThe API call is not currently available. Usually we are always on, but short availability issues may occur during scheduled maintenance.You should wait and try again later.